Subjects and Skills I’m Studying, Learning, Self Teaching…

Starting this list June 24, 2020

By order of learning and only added if I went into some kind of serious wormhole or achieved competence!

Spring 2020 –

  1. Guitar – Ultimate Guitar Tabs!
  2. Sewing Bags – self-taught, and by taking apart a bag
  3. Watercolor Painting – self-taught, and then I picked up a book to practice it and conventional techniques properly.
  4. Interface designing using Figmaself-taught
  5. Motion Design & Spatial applications (theory) – studied online
  6. Defining and measuring Social impact – studied online


  1. Advanced Illustration (application) – Mostly self-taught with many Youtube videos and articles
  2. Terminology, Process, and Materials for Archival Framing (theory and application) – Shadowed a Conservational Framing Company and read many articles online
  3. Color Theory Spanning the Past 3 Centuries (theory) – Studied online and through books
  4. Typography, Understanding and Knowing Mother Types & Creating New Type (theory and application) – Studied online and through books
  5. U/I and U/X (theory, research, advanced application)- Took a course on Coursera
  6. Improvising on the piano and playing any song with chords! – Self-taught and Googled more advanced chords
  7.  Writing with my right hand (I’m a leftie)- S