After reading Acts 8-9

Lord, sometimes we go on our ways thinking it is the right thing to pursue only to find that we’ve been working against you and your glorification.

We’re praying all along, but we’re not praying for the right things, asking to see the right things.

Help me God to better hear your voice. Teach me to pray and meditate so that I may be closer to your heart and your will.

Untamed: Jean-Michel Basquiat at Fondation Louis Vuitton

Dos Cabezas, 1982 – Acrylic and stick on canvas mounted on wood supports – private collection
Grillo, 1984 – Acrylic, oil, paper collage, oil stick, and nails on wood – Fondation Louis Vuitton

Florence, 1983 – Acrylic and oil stick on canvas – private collection

Untitled, around 1984-85 – acrylic and paper collage on paper glued onto honeycomb board – private collection

Hollywood Africans in Front of the Chinese Theater with Footprints of Movie Stars, 1983 – acrylic and oil stick on canvas mounted on wood supports – estate of jean-michel basquiat

Slave Auction, 1982 – Crumpled paper collage, oil stick and acrylic on canvas – Centre Pompidou, Paris


Untitled (BlueAirplane), 1981 – Acrylic, spray paint, and oil stick on canvas – Collection Stephanie Seymour Brant

Paris Days_Monday

Today’s a day with my toes freezing cold.

I dressed too light for Paris.

Per usual, I’m told.

My mind filled with tasks, and deadlines, and work.

But reminded, for why am I here?/ to rest my soul, alas!