July 7-9, 2019 Reflections

Making a sincere effort to be all that God called me to be. July 9, 2019


On Wheat Allergies and Observing Reactions to the Same Foods in the US and France

My younger sister has a pretty severe wheat allergy and it's been interesting to see her body not react negatively to any of the baguettes here and many of the other breads on offer. She is allergic to a specific wheat protein which doesn't preclude her from all wheat based foods, but she's had a …


May 5, 2019_Sunday To be happy for the rest of my life, no stops-- Not just in me because I'm human - fallible. I make mistakes, do stupid things. Think stupid things. Desire, the stupid things. Not in this world because we messed up. Not in treasures or people, because the treasures go and the …