Thomas Liu le Lann, Glass-Blowing Enchanter

Merry Christmas!

I write this en route to Missouri to see my boyfriend and his family after a short, but blissful morning celebrating Christmas with my sisters and the family of my brother-in-law’s.

I caught wind of this artist after clicking through an email sent by Xippas Gallery wishing a Happy Holiday.

Thomas Liu le Lann, né en 1994 à la Suisse, is a millennial artist who received his M.F.A degree at HEAD Geneva School of Art and Design.

I find a select number of his works to be incredibly playful (namely, the below), and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Liu le Lann’s works as he develops and his style matures.

The below is a blown glass pacifier on a wooden pallet,

And then we have these lollipops made of blown glass, wood, lacquer, and metal.