While the materials used did not pass muster, I was very content and happy with my first attempt at making a tote bag with little to no direction. I am also happy and proud of the fact that I engaged sustained effort  (pretty much guaranteed need with hand-stitching) and focus into this (Even a couple years ago, I was not keep my attention on one art project. I had (still have, but less) a hard time focusing, and would always flit about to the next thing before finishing my project because I would get bored after 2 hours). This finished product is a reflection of my progress over the years in improving my ability to focus on one thing at a time.

I did enlist the help of an unused bag; what I did was deconstruct it by its panels, and study that. That must have influenced the success story above.

Learnings from Experience

I understand now why all sewers use thimbles. Sewing with a metal needle for hours on end feels like playing the guitar for hours without any calluses having formed on my fingers. It leads to a unique, unpleasant burn.

I understand fully now why totes are made often with lighter, more thin material, and things that are more structured are made with more durable fabric. It has a lot to do with desired aesthetic.

What I’d Like to Do Better

I would like to start with materials (fabric, straps, colors) that are ideal.

I would like to improve the evenness of my stitching while also getting better on time.


A Prayer of Hope

Asset 2A prayer of hope

Lord Jesus Christ Almighty.

Meet us here in this pain. Meet us here and remind us who we are in you. For yours is a story of justice, a story of equity, and a story of unconditional love. In your death you paved a way for us to live and you have given us such hope. We pray that with this hope we may heal the gaping wounds of this nation and remember that reconciliation begins in each of us. For race is a construct of the fearful mind, one that has torn us apart and cast us in darkness for centuries. As we step into the light, let us see that she is my sister, he is my brother, they are my sibling, and you have made each of us so beautifully. We only want to see each other through your eyes.

Let us see each other through your eyes.

Let us see each other through your eyes.

May your vision move us to repair our deep rooted confusions. For in your name we can break the cycle and prosper as one unified people. Amen.

Asset 3Friends in pic_A prayer of hope