Most of these sites are blogs that were crucial to my development as a young student in her early twenties and post graduation. These sites were the blogs I was reading during my lunch breaks as an intern and in my first job as an assistant buyer at Barneys. When I was working, but always thinking… dreaming… asking. These sites [besides my books!] taught me how to think and see, more so than any classroom or boss.  I will add a site here and there as I pick others up throughout the years.. or decades I hope.

TechCrunch : Technology, technology, technology

Artsy : The everything of art

WATTS : Visual kicks

Cal Newport : Georgetown Professor, author of a wonderful Study Hacks blog and Deep Work


Brain Pickings

Farnam Street

Nein Quarterly : Linguistic and philosophical aphorisms by Eric Jarosinski

Wait but Why (started reading in 2018 thanks to a lovely colleague named Hilary)



MBA Mondays: Weekly business and management know-how stuff.

Seth Godin: Blog

Y – Combinator: Blog

Robert Scoble: Facebook profile/blog – All this man talks about is VR and AR. He lives and breathes it. He also references Elon Musk a lot– a little too much for my liking (and I really like Elon Musk).

Kissmetrics: Behavioral Analytics and engagement blog

AVC: Blog by venture capitalist and blogger, Fred Wilson


Causes to Care About:

Remember Nhu: Ending child sex slavery

Unsung: Hacking homeless hunger



Timothy Keller Sermons

The Ezra Klein Show

How I Built This With Guy Raz