Websites I Surf

I don’t read every article of a thought blog I follow as I did when I was younger, but there are still some I look forward to regularly revisiting and picking up an article here and there that interests me. These are the blogs: – Books, Reflections on habits, decisions (personal) – Wellness habits in the [primarily] VC and founders community – Everything – Marketing

Sites I Frequent and Support  / Causes to Care About:

Remember Nhu: Ending child sex slavery

Unsung: Hacking homeless hunger

Made of Millions: Tackling Mental Health Stigma

Pencil : Creating opportunities to help NYC students succeed


The notebook publisher I get my notebooks from: Flame Tree. Their foiled art-influenced designs are perfect for me!

The following sites are blogs that were crucial to my development as a young student in her early twenties and post graduation. I read or currently read these religiously. That means I literally did not miss a single post. These sites were the blogs I was reading during my lunch breaks as an intern and in my first job as an assistant buyer at Barneys. Head down, sometimes averting disasters (hello traffic, hello silly, mindless Susan).. when I was working, but always thinking… dreaming… questioning. These sites [besides my books!] taught me how to think and see, more so than any classroom or boss.  I will add a site here and there as I pick others up throughout the years.. or decades I hope. Now (2019- ), I just listen to things that interest me or I am actively seeking out understanding for and I’m largely site/destination agnostic. As of 2019, I’ve also drastically limited my “news articles” intake and just focus on the need-to-knows / priority news to limit my exposure to transient content that is prone to bias.

Up until present:

Brain Pickings

Farnam Street

Wait but Why (started reading in 2018 thanks to a lovely colleague named Hilary)

Up until 2017:

Nein Quarterly : Linguistic and philosophical aphorisms by Eric Jarosinski

TechCrunch : Technology, technology, technology

Artsy : The everything of art

WATTS : Visual kicks

Cal Newport : Georgetown Professor, author of a wonderful Study Hacks blog and Deep Work

MBA Mondays: Weekly business and management know-how stuff.

Seth Godin: Blog

Y – Combinator: Blog

Robert Scoble: Facebook profile/blog – All this man talks about is VR and AR. He lives and breathes it. He also references Elon Musk a lot– a little too much for my liking (and I really like Elon Musk).

Kissmetrics: Behavioral Analytics and engagement blog

AVC: Blog by venture capitalist and blogger, Fred Wilson


The Knowledge Project by Shane Parrish

I used to listen to all 3 stations below religiously up until 2017, now I’ve diversified, and listen to single podcasts that suit my interests and answer my questions, basically things that satisfy a more targeted search:

Timothy Keller Sermons

The Ezra Klein Show

How I Built This With Guy Raz