After reading Acts 8-9

Lord, sometimes we go on our ways thinking it is the right thing to pursue only to find that we’ve been working against you and your glorification.

We’re praying all along, but we’re not praying for the right things, asking to see the right things.

Help me God to better hear your voice. Teach me to pray and meditate so that I may be closer to your heart and your will.

On Wheat Allergies and Reactions to the Same Foods in the US and France


My younger sister has a pretty severe wheat allergy and it’s been interesting to see her body not react negatively to any of the baguettes here and many of the other breads on offer.

She is allergic to a specific wheat protein which doesn’t preclude her from all wheat based foods, but she’s had a hard time in the US being able to just walk into any bakery or eat restaurant breads without getting some kind of reaction. Because of this, in the USA she cooks a lot or goes to very specific restaurants that she knows are safe and provide friendly options for her specific diet.
In France, she has been swallowing breads by the foot.
I wonder what kind of wheat the French are using and where it’s from that makes her react positively in such a way?
I’d have to figure out where businesses are getting the bulk of their wheat, and if it’s from France, the terroir must be very pleasing for the sis’s genes.

Day at the Louvre

Crosses – heads of pastoral staffs of bishops
Incredible detail across every inch.


Relic of the arm of a Catholic leader.


Grandes Sevres Vase I’ve seen thus far.
Musketeering lamp
Fantastic Faucet for the homemade drink of my dreams.
Another beautiful Sevres