The Dreamers, a story of denial, withdrawal, and sexuality– how French.

(written, but unpublished from August 23, 2017, age 24)


The Dreamers is not for the sexually faint of heart, but it is truly a story to behold.

The lines that stayed with me:

“One of us, one of us!”


The scenes that stayed with me:

When Isabelle’s hair catches on fire, and Matthew is instinctively aflutter with trying to take it out and the scene fuzzes out and in–and everything seems to just slow down with that gaze..

Obviously, one of the most sensual and irreverent sex scenes I’ve ever seen. Isabelle and Matthew having sex for the first time in the kitchen whilst Theo makes some eggs for himself in the background, copping a cig, with a literal revolution (student demonstrations) and chaos unfolding on the streets.

Theo and Isabelle playfully slams the door on Matthew in the rain. And he’s locked out. A true third wheel in the most unnatural sense of the word. Matthew is left standing for moments that seem like a life-time, exasperated, dejected, rejected, third-wheeldified. So much passive aggression in this scene. SWEET RICHNESS.

All the gazes!

The best scenes and moments are left untouched so you’ll have to watch the film on your own if you’re curious to and want to understand what the hell I mean from the above.

But here’s a couple of photos to brief you 🙂

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Paris Days_Monday

Today’s a day with my toes freezing cold.

I dressed too light for Paris.

Per usual, I’m told.

My mind filled with tasks, and deadlines, and work.

But reminded, for why am I here?/ to rest my soul, alas!



Brett Kavanaugh

I think this all goes to show that we all as humans are naturally wired to be stupid.


we have an immense and infinite capacity to love, but also to be cruel– on a whim.

and that’s what we need to remind each other of– to be the better of our natural selves. to not do stupid shit that will traumatize someone for the rest of her life. to not do stupid shit that will hurt your future and traumatize those close to you. to not do stupid shit that will jeopardize your integrity, past, present, and future. to not do stupid shit simply because it’s stupid and bad.

but then this begs the question: who or what is the ultimate teacher in preventing you from doing the stupid things?

we humans are only as good as the other humans of this planet; your older friend, your more experienced friend, your more sagacious friend.. only as good as the next.

Toyin Ojih Odutola: When Legends Die

Toyin Ojih Odutola: When Legends Die, running until October 27, 2018 at Jack Shainman Gallery, 524 West 24th St.

Constantin Brancusi: A Vanguard Artist

Of Romania, Constantin Brancusi, born in 1876, sculpted, painted, and photographed throughout the duration of his artistic career. He is considered by some as the father of modern sculpture.

Brancusi worked primarily with 4 mediums in his sculpting practice: limestone, casted bronze, wood, and marble to construct highly symbolic forms of the things grounded by reality.

His works are true emblems of visual reduction.

On view at The Museum of Modern Art until February 18, 2019 although you won’t be missing out on much as I believe most if not all the works are part of MoMA’s private collection. 🙂

A bientôt!


On days you keep working and feeling like a hamster on a wheel that won’t stop, you’ve got to just stop and tell yourself, “I’m going to give myself some love today.”

And just like that you’ll make the wheel stop.

The wheel will stop.

Take a longer shower

Walk that extra mile to get the specialty coffee you wanted to try at the cafe that has a super long line.

Be the first to message your mates and family.

Sometimes you won’t know what you are losing until you stop the wheel.