Days at the Museum: The MoMA’s Creativity Lab, Donald Judd, and a Little Tomato Farm Out Front of the Guggenheim

At one point did it enter our heads that we can no longer play with arts and crafts… create.. that art making is an activity best left for kids? Getting back our creativity as adults… waking up dry bones…. a hope I have for the city of New York.

“Make use of the empty space, child”

“Make use of the empty space, child,” (Donald Judd inspired thoughts in my head)

Always leaving inspired by the rich histories of typography


My Light, My Joy


Today, I am grateful for the abundance of love that God has showered onto my life through the people he brought into it.

I know I am loved by God and that is enough, but as a young, and often childlike woman, being blessed with such beautiful humans to walk with me in life during the good and the bad days is something I wake up grateful for every day.

I am grateful for how strong of a bond my sisters and I have cultivated, through effort, through grace, and through compassion.

I am grateful for the times they bring wide grins to my face and make me temporarily forget whatever stress or illness I might feel consumed by.

I am grateful for Victoria who inspires me with her passion for fashion and aesthetics, and for her devotion and generous love and support to me, her friend.

I am grateful for my mother who’s sacrificed much in her love for us, and in her obedience to the God she believes in with her whole heart and soul.

I am grateful for being 6 months seizure free! I am grateful for being healthier than I’ve ever been in my entire life.

I am grateful for the chance and the spirit to try again with new mornings, new days, when fear or anxiety takes hold of me because of the uncertainty of the future or because of circumstance.

I am grateful to be refined day by day in my twenties, whether it be through fire or gentle breeze.

I am grateful to know that the God who has me and my life in the palm of his hands loves me so much. I am grateful to be walking in his love. And that because of this, my path is sure. Regardless of whatever life throws my way.

I am grateful for these people in these photos. They bring me such deep, deep joy. I can not begin to explain in any accurate manner just how grateful I am to have them in my life.

A Bit of Morning Meditations, February 18, 2020

If you cannot please everyone with your actions and your art, you should satisfy a few. To please many is dangerous.
– Gustav Klimt

While I agree with and am inspired by the truth in this, I also feel one can fall into the falsity of the opposite: “Because you can’t please or exist in harmony with everyone, be YOU! That is where true happiness and fulfillment lies!” In this opposite, there lies too an extreme version of self-centeredness, and I can see the ramifications of this in people’s mentalities, especially of those of my generation, when we just *swing* and embrace such a narrative without sufficient personal reflection.

“Be Me,” but at the cost of whom?

February 2020


“I feel your eyes in the morning sun, I feel you touch me in the pouring rain” – PJ Morton

Morning Meditation: Run

Don’t seek out recognition unless that in itself is a Good and intentional means, and for a better and Good end.

Be humble and lead with your head down and keep running. Keep doing the good things.

Keep striking out the bad things. The bad things will keep coming and entering your life, but you are resilient, you are strong, and you are clear-eyed.

Did I tell you you are resilient, you are strong, and you are clear-eyed?

You got this.

A borrowed prayer:

“May our souls have never ending peace that passes all understanding may our hearts long for your will, God. May our minds crave your wisdom. May our bodies align with all you have sacrificed to make us whole. May we know you Jesus.”