On Wheat Allergies and Observing Reactions to the Same Foods in the US and France


My younger sister has a pretty severe wheat allergy and it’s been interesting to see her body not react negatively to any of the baguettes here and many of the other breads on offer.

She is allergic to a specific wheat protein which doesn’t preclude her from all wheat based foods, but she’s had a hard time in the US being able to just walk into any bakery or eat restaurant breads without getting some kind of reaction. Because of this, in the USA she cooks a lot or goes to very specific restaurants that she knows are safe and provide friendly options for her specific diet.
In France, she has been swallowing breads by the foot.
I wonder what kind of wheat the French are using and where it’s from that makes her react positively in such a way?
I’d have to figure out where businesses are getting the bulk of their wheat, and if it’s from France, the terroir must be very pleasing for the sis’s genes.

Day at the Louvre

Crosses – heads of pastoral staffs of bishops
Incredible detail across every inch.


Relic of the arm of a Catholic leader.


Grandes Sevres Vase I’ve seen thus far.
Musketeering lamp
Fantastic Faucet for the homemade drink of my dreams.
Another beautiful Sevres

Can A Negro Study The Law?: A powerful retrospective of Charles White’s contributions to social liberty.

Can A Negro Study Law in Texas 1946
Can A Negro Study The Law?, 1946


Frederick Douglas (The Ghost of Frederick Douglas II)
Frederick Douglas (The Ghost of Frederick Douglas II
Harvest Talk 1953
Harvest Talk, 1953

Headlines 1944

Native Son No. 2 1942
Native Son No. 2 1942
Preacher 1952
The Preacher, 1952


The Children 1955
The Children, 1955

My Color of Feminism

Many of you know that I’m a woman and some of you know that I identify as a feminist, but very little of you know what color of what I mean by when I say I’m a feminist.

It means I am pro supporting myself and other women about the choices they make in their life, and in the idea that there should be no barriers to fulfilling these choices because of our identified gender from any other forces outside of factors of the natural.
My color of feminism:
It means, I don’t want you telling me it’s not a dream I can have to be a mom and fantastic wife. Because for me, Susan, it is the greatest career and life accomplishment to have. Again, emphasis on For. Me.
It also means, I don’t want you calling me honey, when you’re not speaking to me out of respect respect, but to typecast.
It means, I don’t want you devaluing my efforts or the work or community I represent because I’m a woman.
It means I don’t want others to take stock of my natural femininity or my sometime docility/diminutiveness or built in physical “weaker-ness” to confirm their bias of seeing me as weak or “not built” for certain things.
It means, being neighbors and friends and collaborating in partnership, in friendship, and love with all people who identify as men to further our mutual and independently “gender-associated” goals.
It means not having other genders tell me what I can’t do or can do, should do or should not do, and this includes my own.
That’s the color of feminist I am.


Like you men,

If we too took it upon ourselves to start at your penises day and night


I image they might shrink to 0 from all the scrutiny.

They’re small enough as they are.


*disclaimer* I am not male shaming small penises. A metaphor, this is simply. In ancient history, small penises were considered honorable, and a virtue. More attention was placed to the size of one’s mind and character. Perhaps a recalibration in values in general NY is well overdue.

Morning Reflections

“Now when he was in Jerusalem at the Passover Feast, many believed in his name when they saw the signs that he was doing. 24 But Jesus on his part did not entrust himself to them, because he knew all people 25 and needed no one to bear witness about man, for he himself knew what was in man.” – John 2:23-25
Because Jesus was well aware that we all, men (all people translated to today’s cultural norms of who is considered a person with full rights), are simple. We run to at the simplest signs of magic, value and treasure (I would say for NY it’s the allure of success, either embodied in someone (people we want to attach ourselves to), or a thing (affluence/cost signaling), etc, and run from when we no longer see the signs. As Niccolo Machiavelli noted too in The Prince (I love this book, because as ruthless as the writer seems, he’s just calling it out: the worst or more accurately, the raw in human nature).
(undeveloped thought: I see this all the time person to person, person to goods, person to business opportunity. We are no better than animals, some parts. At least cattle, wolves.. stick to the herd and follow through.)
We do it all in varying degrees. Even those enlightened to the fact and striving with earnestness not to.
(second undeveloped thought: We also profit from it. Every brand, company, human working in professional context really. We need people to run to us, when we hold up carrots and perceived "treasures")
Ah, the unending fallability of man.