Ribbon Bracelets

Made a bracelet for the first time.

I think it came out nicely 🙂

Creating things for me is so therapeutic and meditative.

  • needle
  • neutral colored thread
  • a stone for the centerpiece
  • crimps
  • decorative ribbon




My Portion: Thoughts on Presence

"Am I easily distracted again

Am I a slave to things that don't matter at all?"

- Isla Vista Worship

I find [renewed every morning] myself at the thought that I am so easily distracted.

Easily distracted from what I ought to do

so easily distracted from things of my own devicet

trying to squeeze in multiple connections and attentions over prioritizing presence

[Choosing to] distracting myself in the things that don’t matter at all.

I want to stay present. Maintain presence

For the ones I love

For the God I love

For the work I love

For this life I love – the me I love.

So lord, help me.

I thank you for your guidance over me with this particular weakness of being prone to wander out of presence and real connection and joy of living… and that you are so gentle about it as you do it. It seems I discover more and more as I study your word and seek a relationship with you that you are such a God filled with grace, mercy, and gentleness.

Your heart lies in our best interests. If only we were wise enough to accept that that is what you desire in equal and greater strength to ours.

Things that I have not known, or rather, really known (accepting and believing in mind, body, and soul) before.

God, you are so good.

"You've given me space to breathe, 
so I'll stay still until it sinks in" 
- Capital City Music

“Hi Sunshine, it’s Mr. Peel!”

Artboard 2 copy 3Hi Sunshine_square format

I was catching up with Christine over ZOOM because we haven’t seen each other since the Corona Virus started hitting New York City very hard and was eating a lot of clementines.

I started making a little square mound of it while we were talking (I always find I need to do something with my hands to stay focused :D)

When my sister came over to the table see what I’m up to, she laughed at the little mess I made and joked about it being art.

I laughed too, and then thought, “why not?”

And so I whipped up this draft for the day

My cute orange peels :). Thanks for feeding me today.



Draft 0


March 29, 2020

Days at the Museum: The MoMA’s Creativity Lab, Donald Judd, and a Little Tomato Farm Out Front of the Guggenheim

At one point did it enter our heads that we can no longer play with arts and crafts… create.. that art making is an activity best left for kids? Getting back our creativity as adults… waking up dry bones…. a hope I have for the city of New York.

“Make use of the empty space, child”

“Make use of the empty space, child,” (Donald Judd inspired thoughts in my head)

Always leaving inspired by the rich histories of typography