New Habits

Wellness has everything to do with how we take care of our body, heart, soul, and mind. 

Here are some new habits I’ve developed over the past 5 months, which greatly improved my wellbeing:

Habits that Improved my Physical Health

I make a healthy and filling breakfast for myself every morning when I am home.

Relative to the average New Yorker, I rarely drink coffee.

Habits that Improved my Emotional Health

I sing every morning at home. Singing makes me happy.

I explore and address any unhealthy feelings I wake up with and unhealthy feelings towards others I’ve been harboring or harbored during the day or for a time and work to break that down (resentment, anger, hurt, arrogance, malice, envy, insecurity).

Habits that Improved my Mental Health

I don’t look at any social media or work emails until I finish my morning meditations regimen.

I don’t pick up my phone when I wake up. 

Habits that Improved my Spiritual Health

I read the Bible, worship, and pray every morning. It took 2 decades to desire and grow this habit, a year to develop this into a daily habit, and another 5 months to repot that firmly into the morning portion of my day.

Why add morning/more structure to my habit? 

My faith and relationship with God has become very important to me over the past couple years, and I wanted to start reflecting that in the way I spent my day and where I was placing my mental, emotional, and physical energy. No one has full control over their day or their mind, and I wanted to make sure I can give the thing most important to me a genuine attempt at my undivided attention at the very least. 


It’s actually really difficult to compartmentalize the effects of these things and I would actually say that’s not the right way to approach our wellbeing.. because in fact, every action, every repetitive action (habit) influences and bleeds its effects onto every space of our being, whether one is aware of it or not.

I’ll use as an example developing the habit of setting firm boundaries around how we use our phones. Not engaging frequently with our phone helps us focus and supports our mental fortitude, but it also helps our emotional health with not being unhealthily interested in the lives of others that we don’t know at all so we can be focused on our beautiful lives and the lives we do care about. Not using our phone frequently also helps us give our dopamine hits a break, so that our physical body and mind is not dependent on the dopamine hits of notifications, emails, and external validation. It helps my spiritual health because I’m staying in a focused mindset and attending to things that matter to me (like my faith) with more presence and with more respect. 

A large part of your happiness, lasting happiness, has to do largely with how you fill your well. Mine took a very long time to fill up, but it’s now producing so much good water and strength for me.

How does your well look right now?

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