My 22 year old self’s dream came true_8.26.2020

I’ve always wanted something beyond kitchen for wine.

It didn’t have to be as grand as a large wine cellar, but I always nursed a desire for something, anything. Living in NYC did not afford the space for me to even consider an addition; my living spaces had every remaining nook and cranny filled with clothes, art supplies, books, and objects that held memories).When I was 18, I developed a fascination and passion for drinkware and flatware and when I turned 21 and started drinking more, I got really interested in wine. A good glass of wine reads like music to me :). From then until my early 20s, I would eagerly and unceasingly save up money to buy a cup & saucer here, a wine glass there, a pricey wine bottle, sometimes, and visit any exhibition within my reach that I could go to that had *anything* to do with the home (which is how I came to discover my lesser passions!: Learning about factories, artisans, signature marks, and history: Vincennes, Sevres, and Meissen, premier porcelain makers and craftsmanship hubs of the 18th century), ceramics, and porcelain.
While I am not a wine expert by any means, I know what I like and enthusiastically look up wines, producers, and new methods in viniculture that spark my interest when I have the time: I have a firm love for Cabernet Sauvignon wines, and I’m very partial to seeking out wines from the Paso Robles, Côte du Rhones, and Beaujolais Villages regions. If someone I know recommends me a wine from there, I will almost always search for it the day or the week of :). And… thanks to my love of wine and drinkware, I am proud to say that at this point in time, my sisters and parents all have glasses that are Susan approved.🙂

In my dream home I would have a floor dedicated for a wine cellar, but having this trolley alone makes me content and grateful. I didn’t need this, but I’m grateful to have the space now and the ability to get something that brings me a whole lot of joy :).

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