Neuralink: The Battle for Consciousness (Side note: This Shit is Real!!!)

Originally written in January, 2017.

Something I’ve seen in movies, like Gattaca, Avatar, The Transformers, and others is finally coming to the real world wide! Or at least companies are being founded to develp this into a reality.

Companies like Kernel, OpenAI, Neuralink, amongst others are actively seeking to rally troops to address the probing question of: When not IF the age of super computers come, what then will be the state or rather status of humans?

While someone as ambitious and slightly crazy like Musk has put his name behin thi

1) I am so hopeful for someone as ambitious and slightly crazy like Musk tackling neuro-degenerative diseases and other things!

2) Conversations about humans battling machines is still kind of far-out as to there being any conclusive validations for it and so I think it is difficult for the general public to get behind this concern yet, but this question is for sure maturing and gaining lots of traction amongst many thinkers concerned about the future of our society and where it’s going.

Essentially, machines with unlimited bandwidth and a developed consciousness (who knows??!) could effectively become the new alpha, and top us on the food chain). Anyways, it would be of interest for anyone to read about it if they have the chance. As some thinkers have already humorously noted, we could become what dogs or cats are to us to our future computers.

XX1: “My god so when Elon Musk asks for volunteers to try brain implants for brain cognition/mental disorder solutions I’m gonna be the first one to sign up for him to test on my head. I’ll tweet him. By God I’ll do it.”

XX2: “Omg no lol”
– iMessage, April 2017.

P.S. Neuralink is also looking for hires, I think:


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