A Prayer for George Floyd’s death, the protests, the racial, social, and economic unrest in America

A prayer for the racial turmoil and general unrest in our world:

My God, I pray for a change of heart, an absolute 180º, a world that wakes up for the plight of our Black American brothers and sisters.

Mon seigneur, je prie pour un changement du coeur, un revirement absolu, un monde qui se reveille à la situation déplorable de nos soeurs et frères noire américaine.

하나님, 이 세계에 모든 아픔을 감싸주세요, 정부에게 보호를 못받는 제 흑인 형제들과 자매들을 대신 하나님이 보호해 주세요. 온 세상의 완악한 마음을 가진 인류들… 그들의 마음을 재발 변화시켜주세요.

예수님 이름으로 기도합니다.

Lament, grieve, feel disappointment. Then turn to hope. We must continue to breathe [fresh air] so we can help others to breathe who cannot.//

“new every morning”



This was my earlier prayer of disappointment, fear, and help:

Dear God,

In this season of crazy grief, pain, anger, lament, fear, anxiety, and tension, I remain steadfast and faithful in your promises. I will stand on the faith of this firm foundation, the firm foundation I believe my community hit hard by the Coronavirus have access to, and the firm foundation my Black American brothers and sisters stand on too.

I pray to a God that I believe can do the things I cannot do, that for us as humankind seem so insurmountable.


“I will crush every disappointment

turn all of my fear into praise,

I will crush every disappointment and break every chain”

Anything is Possible by Bethel Worship ft. Dante Bowe

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