Trinity Grace Church Worship Team Meeting_January 28, 2020

Last evening’s Worship Team meet.

I was late coming as the workday ended up being intense with more left to be finished into the late night, per usual and as of late ever since I’ve chosen the path of being an entrepreneur.

We worshipped God so freely, so purely… so in love, with impromptu harmonies and melodies and whispers and contemplative silence..

Our new worship director who recently moved here from London led us in setting our intentions on being the following (in order of importance), as we set out to sing, create, produce, and write:

“A people of presence

A people of praise

A people of creativity”

…Grounds for re-making a culture of pure hope, love, and life.

I am so blessed to be on this journey with this passionate team and with this family. One dream.

In the end of the day, this is what matters most to me.

Recalling this: “Don’t miss the moment”.

I don’t want to miss mine, I wish that for everyone else as well.


Written on the morning of January 29, 2020

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