Word: Betel Nut

 I just learned from a book about betel nut, the seed of the fruit of the Areca palm which is taken in countries commonly like how we take our caffeine/nicotine, although it has been red- flagged as a carcinogen (and for other stuff). It’s the 4th most common psychoactive drug after caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. People in Papa New Guinea use it commonly… super cool. I love discovering commonly used consumer goods and edibles from  other countries.

The betel nut is the size of a small tomato.

If you can get it “farm to table” (lol) you’re supposed to crush it, chew on the substance inside and chew the seed for a few minutes, and then you can spit it out.

I want to try a fresh betel nut! I know it’s not good for me if I use it regularly, but just once, I’d like to get fresh ones and try them myself.

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