Notes from Trinity Grace Church, Williamsburg’s Sermon_July 14th

You cannot separate loving God from loving people

On giving yourself to others sacrificially:

Are you anxiously saving life?
Or joyfully losing it?

Do not underestimate the impact, the importance, and the necessity of the power of the holy spirit expressed through ordinary hospitality

Hospitality –
Philos xenos –
The love of strangers

Food for thought and total stream of consciousness.
: What does real hospitality look like? Is it just bringing someone into your home or building community or inviting someone to dinner or cooking or serving someone? What’s the whole of hospitality? Are we just cognizant of hospitality’s parts? What is radical hospitality?
Not just being hospitable to my community, but actively reaching out to people who are strangers to me.. treating those who’d be last in society as first… welcoming those who think they don’t belong, loving on people I don’t want to love and so on.
Because I was a stranger too, once.

Welcome those who think they don’t belong
Treat those who think they are last that they are the first in God’s kingdom

I was a stranger once

“How different might you live if you never forgot that you were once a stranger that didn’t belong and God brought you in?”

I see you
You matter
You belong

What Gilwon at NYU did to me junior year

Matthew 24:35-36

Love requires a high tolerence for disappointment

The early church had so much power, maybe because they gave so much love

Asking this of God: How are you inviting me to love like you love?


Rando announcement notes:

Sam bailey
Holy trinity brompton
September 15

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