Morning Meditations

Food for thought and total stream of consciousness:

What does real hospitality look like? Is it just bringing someone into your home or building community or inviting someone to dinner or cooking or serving someone? What’s the whole of hospitality? Are we just cognizant of hospitality’s parts? What is radical hospitality?

Hospitality –

Philos xenos –

The love of strangers

Not just being hospitable to my community, but actively reaching out to people who are strangers to me.. treating those who’d be last in society as first… welcoming those who think they don’t belong, loving on people I don’t want to love and so on.

Because I was a stranger too, once.


July 20, 2019. Response to July 14th sermon listen

My prayer today:

Dear God,

Teach me humility

Teach me your love so I can love others well, not by the rules of love of this world, or my own accord

Teach me your selflessness

Teach me your generosity

Teach me your holy boldness.

Vices I’ve dabbled in moments of the week:


Moments where I observed myself desiring to be/stay in the center of attention

Falling/Dipping my toes into the temptation of pursuing transactional relations building/conversations.


Leaving here, so I remind myself to stay far, far away

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