Morning Meditations

I’m just thinking IneedcoffeeIneedcoffeeIneedcoffeeIneedcoffee

Man, this picture makes me smile.

Welcome to NY, Christine.

Christine’s one of my oldest friends. We met in middle school and took French classes together and didn’t listen to our teacher whilst sitting in the back of the room and I would bring family sized bags of chips to class for us and she would educate me on HIMYM which she was obsessed with in the back of the school library laying down with our other girlfriends. We did high school, and did the same thing, but different:

She’d come over to study for exams, hang, we’d sing and play piano together a lot. (We’re both crazy in love with music (then and now)). We graduated:

Christine headed to Princeton U and I headed to NYU and we kept in touch regularly:

Christine visited me here and I visited her there and we partied – she with me in clubs in NY , me at her campus for house parties and lawnparties; we chat:

updated each other on family, romance catastrophies, deep thoughts.

I am grateful the threads of her and my life kept intertwining over these past 8 years of us being long distance friends.

The fantastic news is that now she’s here, in NY! With a fantastic job! With fantastic colleagues! With fantastic me 🙂
And that makes today a good day.


And now [in this chapter of our lives] we are going to dance parties and comforting each other over romance imploded, families imploded, eating healthier food, and gallivanting through art shows and libations.

Same same, but different.

Culture Fit

There’s a protein powder company that works in the office space next to me and everyone who works for it looks like they take the protein powder.


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