My Color of Feminism

Many of you know that I’m a woman and some of you know that I identify as a feminist, but very little of you know what color of what I mean by when I say I’m a feminist.

It means I am pro supporting myself and other women about the choices they make in their life, and in the idea that there should be no barriers to fulfilling these choices because of our identified gender from any other forces outside of factors of the natural.
My color of feminism:
It means, I don’t want you telling me it’s not a dream I can have to be a mom and fantastic wife. Because for me, Susan, it is the greatest career and life accomplishment to have. Again, emphasis on For. Me.
It also means, I don’t want you calling me honey, when you’re not speaking to me out of respect respect, but to typecast.
It means, I don’t want you devaluing my efforts or the work or community I represent because I’m a woman.
It means I don’t want others to take stock of my natural femininity or my sometime docility/diminutiveness or built in physical “weaker-ness” to confirm their bias of seeing me as weak or “not built” for certain things.
It means, being neighbors and friends and collaborating in partnership, in friendship, and love with all people who identify as men to further our mutual and independently “gender-associated” goals.
It means not having other genders tell me what I can’t do or can do, should do or should not do, and this includes my own.
That’s the color of feminist I am.

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