The joy of

Being able to hold hands for the longest time with someone you love

Even as it seems still like borrowed time

And you know [on Monday] you’ll part

To freeze time

I would


What I would



What I would do

To turn back time

To do it all over again

Even if we were to make the same mistakes

Say the same words

Do the same things

What I would do to see \italicize{that} smile [I cannot remember] 4 inches from my face



The first half is about familial love

The second half is about romantic love

I wrote it on the ride back from The Berkshires as I was cherishing the last moments of holding Joanne’s hands in the backseat of the car with Mom driving and Jocelyn sitting up front.

Until the next time.

I miss mom already. 

This trip wasn’t restful, as there were so many things I was recovering from, and other unsettling things coming in anew. It was cathartic. That is the most accurate word.

It is well.

God is good.

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