I see you

Want to tell you

It’s okay

But actually

You know I don’t know

Who am I to say if it will all be okay, in the way you want it to be


I just want everything for you to be


is all I really mean to say.

Their eyes trail slowly down the length of this body

They see in

the delicacy

the raw

the void

the power

the weakness

the depth



#astanleyknife #slashes #luciofontana #human

If you were to cut my natural emotions open

You’d probably see something akin to an ocean the likes of something you see in stories of shipwrecks and storms.

Wild, stormy, deep– so good deep, but also really cray cray volatile deep


When something good enters my life

That violent hum in me turns into a gentle stream with the occasional sound of tiny rocks dropping.


That’s when I register something is good for me.

I feel the change in my being, quite radically, and naturally.

It happens with certain activities, and with certain people.


Seeing art

Listening to beautiful music


Dear acquaintances

This person that makes me laugh & smile so much.


Some call this security. Some call it love. I call it something closer to peace.


I think equal to love I seek peace.

For me, they go hand in hand.


And so I keep these close.


There is restlessness in everyone, I’m coming to find.

Don’t we all yearn to rid ourselves of it entirely?


When in Jesus this ocean in me goes completely still.


I’m beginning to understand.


Saturday, February 9, 2019

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