November 18, 2018

If I had money I’d want to make a startup selling baby food to adults in the United States that don’t need to be refrigerated– so adult food.

Safe and nutrient dense enough to qualify as baby food, but for the ease of the busy adult life.

The thing about free will 

You’re the only one who can tell yourself to break free of your depression

Start that company

Leave the toxic relationship

Go to the gym

Tell yourself you are smart enough

Tell yourself you are good enough

You need to break the chains of your mind before anyone can come in [to do real surgery on you].


When you meet someone who shares the same mind as you

It is something more than love

more than sex

to call it a kind of mental orgasm makes the experience too trite– too plain, too crass, too dishonored.

It is stars bursting, planets forming, calm descending.

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