Notes During My Flight Back from A Work Trip to Mexico American_September 9, 2017


I am on a plane en route to NY— I believe we just crossed the border now into the U.S.

My stay in Mexico this week was fruitful, taxing, and exciting.

Thanks to my CTO, Ro, and the rest of my team here, I had a great and vibrant introduction to the Mexican life.

Everyone I met greeted me with great enthusiasm. and I did not feel particularly ostracized in any way as a foreigner. I believe this was in part because I had my colleagues to help me around, and for that I am very grateful.

While I enjoyed my week, I stayed within the boundaries of entitled comfort, and I was made very aware of this fact. There were parts of Mexico City I passed by in the shelter of a car that I became very curious about— neighborhoods that made my heart twinge a bit: a neighborhood close to Polanco called Las Lomas that was very pretty, and the neighborhoods on the outskirts of Sante Fe, where I saw a lot of houses with unfinished walls and irregularities.

There are a lot of things I like about this city, but I also saw and heard a lot of things about this country that made me very sad: cases about the corruption here, the diaspora in education and income levels amongst the people, and the poverty I see here (not unlike NY, but it manifested itself very differently— for example, I saw a woman carrying a baby and juggling between cars in the middle of a high-traffic road to earn money).

I am reminded once more as I always am in travel that this shared world of ours is a very small and complicated place— the flow of which you nor I can never fully grasp. It is up to us to continually learn, to get “woke,” and to support one other in love, in trade, in culture, and in commerce, regardless of boundary or background so long as we inhabit this shared planet of ours.

I’m looking forward to being back and seeing more of Mexico and learning more about the citizens here and how they live. I hope I come back a little more informed about this place the next time (and I most definitely need to work on my Spanish!).

I leave Mexico with respect, with love, and with awe.

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