Frieze 2017

Suspension and mirror play by Japanese artist Tatsuo Kawaguchi
“Welcome,” she says. Fortuitously positioned by the South exit. I imagine this is how “I’ll burn holes into your eyes” would be played out literally. Nasty : Rich– ¬†good stuff.
Blackened shoes en masse by UK artist Jim Lambie.
Schnabel! Broken plates on wood.
Intriguing works by young artist Matthew Cerletty.
A giant charcoal drawing of Obama in 2017 with his security– what a view.
Technology, technology, technology… ever play that dinner game and pool all your phones together? I have, plenty of times. I win sometimes.
Familiar– why?
Trending: artist Callum Innes
My favorite discovery from the entire fair: Brazilian artist Waltercio Caldas – works in Neo-concretism and mixed media. Looked into his portfolio upon returning home, and I’m definitely hooked!
And here I depart and bid adieu. A ton tour!

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